Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pop That Lock!

So I was a bit tired of losing AB on hunter Kali. And with my shammy's leveling partner in Zul'Aman, I was left with messing around or working on my warlock. I did hit level 25 on the old orc, but the constant dying in Hillsbrad wasn't fun. It didn't help that I had sent all the bags to my shammy. Two bags and a soul bag does not for fun grinding make.

I really hate leveling clothies. I also dislike leveling my 'lock, but honestly, chain fearing bears around Tarren Mill was great. Apart from that I started moving her into another guild. By "started" I mean I left her old one. Le sigh. I'm hardly ever on her anymore and some friends have been bugging me to join them in their twinking efforts at level 39. Long ways to go but holy pally and shadow priest with my warlock will mean doom.

Arathi Basin. My most hated battleground. O, how I loathe thee, AB. I hope one day to be done with your instant queues and utter hatred for all things Zball. Can I win an AB? Please? Please? Of course not.

An AB story from yesterday. Two full groups. The Horde team was mostly a premade from my hunter's server, Moon Guard. I check the names and wring my hands in anticipation. I love fighting people from my own server and I knew there wasn't anyone on their team better than me. The Alliance leader didn't say anything. Thirteen people go to the Gold Mine, including myself. This is bad. Instant Horde 3-cap.

I will say this, at least this time we stayed together. Mostly. As soon as we see the 3-cap, "Just give up and let them win." Wait what? Stables are capped. Now we're looking at a 4-cap.

"Check LM and farm," I say. No one does. Fine. I'll do it myself. Two on D at LM? I relay the info, we ride up and promptly get beaten back. How? Healers. Horde has 'em, we don'.

So we're 5-capped now because no one defended the mine. And since the Alliance has this pathetic inferiority complex, no one will come with me. I hit Blacksmith. Only one of defense. Some pally. Have I mentioned how much I hate pallies? Because I do. I begin my kiting and draining. Pally is at 5%. I'm at half. Arcane Shot just off cooldown.

"Leave Battleground."


Yeah. That was it for me.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back and Forth Again

Good news! My good friend Alyonchezcka is back from Iraq! He was over there for a year and now he's back home in the States. I'm really excited about this even though I'm not in Virginia anymore to see him. Welcome back, bro.

A few words. This is the guy who got me playing WoW in the first place. I had heard of it but never met anyone who played. At that particular point in my life I was incredibly bored with lots of time on my hands. It didn't help I was in the middle of separating from my then- wife, which caused even more stress.

Aly is, hands down, the best healer I've ever played with. He taught me everything about the game and I devoured every bit of knowledge he had. We would spend hours debating Spirit vs. mana per 5. He helped me get my Kara key and we destroyed instances together. It wasn't just PvE though. I dueled him so many times. It took me forever to finally beat him. As a holy/ discipline priest, this guy was essentially unkillable. Warlocks couldn't beat him. Warriors couldn't beat him. I don' know how he did it. If I could force myself to level another clothie, it'd be a priest just because of his influence.

I was able to log on for a couple of hours the other day. I managed to get one AV (which we lost, by the way) in and a few dailies before I get a tell. "Do you want to run Heroic Underbog?" Yes. Figuring I had more than enough time, I jumped in.

Get on Vent and I tell the group, "I'm PvP spec'd and geared. Is this an issue or do you want me to respec?" The group leader asked me a few questions and then said okay. All the while I'm praying he's a good pally tank instead of the last one. He was.

Prot pally tank, resto shaman, enhance shaman, arms warrior and me. We tore through that place with a vengeance. Granted I had my nub moments (way to waste my Silencing Shot on that healer instead of pulling him to my trap) but we did well. Sadly I was only able to make it to the second boss before I got a call to go pick someone up from the hospital an hour earlier than I had planned. Sorry guys but I have to dip. Le sigh. Two badges and a Large Prizzy for my efforts.

Getting closer to than enchant though. I will get my axe enchanted, dammit. And now that I have about 11k honor, I need to decide what to upgrade next. Decisions, decisions!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Life

As you may have noticed, I changed up the look a bit. I got kind of bored with the old way so I made something new. There's no real changes. Really. Maybe I'll like it. Maybe not. It might go back to the way it was or I just might make something myself. Time will tell.

So what's new? 2.4 patch notes, that's what. So much discussion has been going on one might be able believe this new patch is a brand new expansion! Not many changes to classes specifically, actually. It's more of a content patch, what with the Sunwell coming around. In fact, the Sunwell is the last new content before WotLK. Read for yourself and note all those are subject to change. As are the changes in drinking and resilience affecting your Viper's Sting, Drain Mana and Mana Burn.

Kali joined a new 5s team. Her other one died a painful death so here we go again. We had three matches today. On the surface it seemed okay. Enhance shammy, holy pally, resto druid, fury war and Kali. No rogue or lock but enough CC to last. I'm smart enough though. No one is geared like Kali is and no one really has the experience Kali has (and when we talk about 5s experience, having less than me is no experience at all).

So there we are. The discipline priest and ret pally are off playing on alts or doing something else so they couldn't be subbed in. Three matches. The first was... a long wait. Prior wait time was three minutes. Ours? Thirty. To pass the time I checked out a World Defense alert in Sentinel Hill. Some level 52 hunter. I hit /flee and he stood there. Rules of engagement clearly state he blatantly ignored my warning and thus was hostile. He died. Didn't even fight back. Oh well.

First match? Everyone dies except for me. Can't seem to kill them all on my own so we lose. Second match? They drain our pally, abuse everyone and drop me right before the pally bites it. Third match? Druid and I are the only ones left. He tosses a few HoTs on me and dies. Yeah. See where I'm going with this?

Maybe tomorrow.